a few words about us

Stecek Holding S.A. is a nationwide holding, whose range of operations and development prospects exceed beyond one country — created with love for the world of business and people related to it. The company is focused on innovation, permanent progress, and the extended nature of business.

The foundation of the Holding's activity is broad consulting and outsourcing. The company's scope of services completely meets customers' needs and requirements. Moreover, it is constantly updated and improved to set the highest standards of operation and quality of services provided in the industry.

Stecek Holding S.A. is a successful company that also guarantees the success of its customers and business partners. A company born from personal passion, commitment, and grand ambitions, is now a dynamically developing capital group that successively expands the scope of its activities, constantly winning new entities for its portfolio. It is the work of a man who makes his vision a lifetime project.

The guarantee of the company's development and market position is Mr. Maciej Stecek, the founder and the CEO of Stecek Holding S.A.. He is open to people and the world. He is a businessman who draws from the experience of the best in the industry, simultaneously at the side of the most ambitious and talented people.

vision and mission

Stecek Holding S.A. aspires to become a market leader in economic consulting, which will consider the dynamics of economic and technological changes in the scope of enterprise management at every level of its functioning.

The company intends to achieve the above by combining professionalism and the highest qualifications of the people employed by it with the experience of the global business giants, new technologies, and the latest trends in the management culture of both small and large enterprises.


"If there is something we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competitors, there is no point in us doing it and we should hire someone to do this job better than we do."

Henry Ford