our offer

Stecek Holding S.A. is a consulting company employing top-class professionals and providing specialist services to external companies. The scope of activities includes broad consulting and outsourcing to manage the company at every stage and level of its functioning.

Stecek Holding S.A. offers:

  • establishing development strategies, in particular with long-term objectives and strategic projects in all business areas
  • creating company management structures and processes
  • introducing changes in the management, such as reorganization and restructuring of existing entities
  • conducting financial audits, including cost analysis
  • enterprise cashflow management
  • upport in sales management, including preparation and analysis of reports and advisory on sales strategy development
  • support in the creation of an appropriate organizational structure and personnel policy, including conducting HR and payroll services
  • introducing and supporting employee capital plans
  • introducing GDPR
  • bookkeeping
  • international marketing,
  • financing search and negotiations in banks and outside the banking sector, including preparation of credit applications, business plans, and other necessary documents for obtaining external financing
  • representing the client in front of tax authorities and courts and a comprehensive legal service provided in cooperation with a selected law office specializing in economic law

Spectrum of activities

The scope of the services mentioned above enriches a broad spectrum of outsourcing activities from companies related to Stecek Holding S.A.. By deciding to cooperate with the company, it is possible to comprehensively secure the firm's needs related to management, employee service, or service of the company's building. The offer of the Holding's related entities regards any of the following: property rental, technical consulting, recruitment, transport, and cleaning services.

The extension of the company's offer is the so-called enterprise incubator. This cooperation proposal provides young companies with a better start in the form of extended analysis and market research or an individual plan concerning the planning of management structures and long-term coordination.

The above makes Stecek Holding S.A. a company that can guarantee its partners' practical support from the first day of activities in a holistic way.


"If there is something we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competitors, there is no point in us doing it and we should hire someone to do this job better than we do."

Henry Ford