The company operates in the HR sector and deals with unit recruitment of employees.

SSWF POLSKA SPÓŁKA Z O.O. operates in the HR sector and deals with individual recruitment of employees. The aim of the company's activities is to create valuable relationships connecting employers with employees, and employees with the workplace. The company's philosophy is based on innovation in the service of business, which takes into account human needs.

The company's staff consists of young and ambitious professionals, people open to the world and new challenges. Operating in the HR industry, they react dynamically and on an ongoing basis to the needs of the labor market, trying to optimally meet the expectations of both business and people looking for their place in the labor market. Specialists from SSWF POLSKA build cooperation with clients based on values such as trust and partnership. Guided by empathy and a deep analysis of customer needs, they always try to show the human face of HR. SSWF POLSKA combines the high quality of its services with the opportunities offered by a close business relationship with STECEK HOLDING S.A. Working within one consortium, the companies operate in the area of new technologies and exchange their experience.


SSWF POLSKA helps to find employment reflecting the direction of professional search, guaranteeing satisfaction and full use of the employee's skills and potential. The company offers job positions both in Poland and abroad. The offer applies to many sectors - from manual workers, production and warehouse workers, through the possibility of employment in office administration or customer service. Many years of experience, empathy and intuition of specialists from SSWF POLSKA allow us to offer job seekers positions fully adapted to their individual needs, abilities and personality.

Based on the needs of the labor market and the development of technology, SSWF POLSKA prepares offers for companies that meet their current and future needs in an individualized way. The company adapts not only to the expectations and needs of its business partners, but also to the surrounding reality. It creates custom-made modern communication and system solutions tailored to the client's needs. S&S WORK FORCE has a database of candidates sought after on the labor market, willing to work in various sectors, from working abroad, through physical work, employment in logistics, engineering and production, construction industry, finance and accounting, office administration as well as human resources.


"If there is something we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competitors, there is no point in us doing it and we should hire someone to do this job better than we do."

Henry Ford