The company specializes in highly qualified employee outsourcing.

S&S WORK FORCE offers services in the field of employee outsourcing as well as in the areas of: HR and payroll, civil law contracts and transport. It provides partners with specialist support and modern solutions that streamline business processes, directly affecting the increase in the competitiveness of companies and the reduction of their operating costs.

EMPLOYEE OUTSOURCING - S&S WORK FORCE specializes in finding high-class professionals abroad. Such a solution gives Polish entrepreneurs many benefits. It reduces staff costs, allows avoiding risk and many legal meanders regarding HR and legal matters, allows focusing on the growth and management of the most important tasks of the company. S&S WORK FORCE cares about finding the best solution tailored to the profile of a given company, which will reduce costs and risk by taking over the responsibility and burden of obligations towards employees and state authorities.

Employee outsourcing determines better performance indicators of the company, allows for a more flexible and smooth approach to the number of employees, and thus the implementation of an organizational policy adapted to the changing - demand-dependent - workforce demand. Outsourced handling of employee matters and taking over the comprehensive handling of payroll and non-payroll settlements allow minimizing employment in the administration department. This solution helps a company hiring foreigners to overcome legal and cultural differences and enter new markets successfully. Employee outsourcing also allows you not to worry about matters related to the protection of personal data (GDPR), since it is the external partner that guarantees that information about employees is covered by the highest security standard.


HR AND PAYROLL OUTSOURCING - S&S WORK FORCE offers professional administrative and HR support in the form of a proprietary system that guarantees the client comprehensive and fully legal handling of employee matters.
This support includes:

  • handling activities related to the calculation and payment of wages, payroll transfers, benefits due to state institutions, issuing payslips
  • handling valid insurance documents, maintaining contact with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) via the Płatnik program
  • preparation of salary certificates
  • preparation of the necessary payroll reports
  • taking over responsibility towards ZUS, the Tax Office and preparation of settlement declarations for these institutions
  • preparation of annual PIT declarations
  • any other applicable and necessary activities related to payroll outsourcing
  • handling the above-mentioned tasks using the highest legal and ethical standards
  • unlimited consultation with payroll experts
  • secure and permanent online access to payroll data owned by the client

OUTSOURCING OF CIVIL LAW CONTRACTS - the offer includes the preparation of civil law contracts for specific persons or situations, based on the provisions of labor law, civil law, copyright law and others. S&S WORK FORCE relieves the client by taking over the related responsibility, while guaranteeing a controlling package that enables constant and unlimited access to information related to order processing.

OUTSOURCING OF TRANSPORT - as part of the logistics support, S&S WORK FORCE offers the organization of employee transport based on a fleet of small and large vehicles. Thanks to this service, the client can reduce the costs associated with the daily employee turnover and gain a guarantee of timely and safe transport of staff to the workplace. The offer is always tailored to the company's individual demand for means of transport.


"If there is something we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competitors, there is no point in us doing it and we should hire someone to do this job better than we do."

Henry Ford