Profile NEXEON

The engineering company that works in the area of electro-installation and teletechnics.

NEXEON operates on the Polish market of electrical and teletechnical installations. It provides smart solutions for home and business based on many years of experience. The projects implemented by the company are building the future. The company is based on the latest solutions, thanks to which it is always one step ahead of the competition.


  • NEXEON SECURITY - services related to the automation and security of companies and homes. The scope of comprehensive activities includes consulting, preparation of the optimal proposal and cost estimate for the project, and then the preparation of project documentation based on current regulations and many years of experience. The company constantly supervises the investment, provides full logistics related to the supply of components, lays cable routes and installs the necessary components. Finally, it programs, tests and runs the system. It also creates full as-built documentation, installation manual and trains the staff. Trouble-free use of the system and its failure-free operation is guaranteed by constant service, warranty and post-warranty care as well as periodic inspections of the system.
  • NEXEON ENERGY - comprehensive assembly of electrical installations, design, connection and operation works as well as service, under which the company conducts inspections and measurements. The scope of services includes compiling the design documentation for the project - executive and as-built documents, and then the delivery and assembly of electrical equipment. The company implements investments in a system that suits the client - both in the "turnkey" option (design and build) and in the "build" version, covering the entire facility or its separate part. The company's offer includes assembly of switchgear installations, internal power supply lines, power lines, lighting, emergency power supply and electrical protection.
  • NEXEON SOLAR - installation of renewable energy systems. The company provides the most innovative technical solutions on the market. It provides large and small enterprises, farms and individual customers with clean renewable energy, while supporting the development of a low-emission economy. The comprehensive solutions the company offers guarantee the customer cost optimization and tangible savings, extremely important in times of energy crisis. The company's offer includes the installation of solar installations, solar farms, solar power plants, heat pumps, energy storage facilities and the installation of car chargers for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). The company stands out from among many entities operating in this area on the market with its many years of experience and an expert approach to the client. The professional performance of the installation determines its trouble-free use and ensures greater energy yield. Certified installers guarantee failure-free and safe use of the system.


"If there is something we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competitors, there is no point in us doing it and we should hire someone to do this job better than we do."

Henry Ford