The company provides auxiliary services related to keeping buildings in order.

  • DUSTBUSTER sp. z o.o. offers specialist cleaning assistance. It provides its services in the field of comprehensive cleaning in single-family homes, offices, shops, as well as in large-scale warehouse facilities. It cooperates with small and large companies, and always performs commissioned works based on the highest standards of cleanliness and ecology. The priority of DUSTBUSTER is the quality of the services provided. Based on many years of experience, it provides even the most advanced cleaning services in a safe and professional manner, adapting to the customers' needs and requirements dynamically and flexibly. The company's staff is characterized by accuracy, meticulousness and honesty.


DUSTBUSTER employees know that order in the workplace significantly affects comfort. Many years of experience, team competence, advanced organizational and technical facilities guarantee the highest quality of services. The offer is dedicated to both large-area buildings and small enterprises. This includes the provision of cleaning services not only inside buildings, but also outside. DUSTBUSTER provides comprehensive cleaning in industrial, warehouse and shop facilities. It cooperates both with clients offering traditional services and with enterprises whose activity is based on the latest technologies. In each case, the cleaning support is individually tailored to the sanitary requirements that the client's company must meet. The work is carried out in a safe and effective manner, using high-quality cleaning agents, adapted to sanitary and ecological standards. The scope of the company's business includes the broadly understood outsourcing of standard and specialist services.
The offer of maintaining cleanliness includes such facilities and properties as:

  • warehouses and logistic centers
  • manufacturing plants
  • shopping malls
  • small and large-area stores
  • public administration buildings
  • financial sector institutions
  • health care facilities
  • educational centers

A clean environment has a significant impact on our well-being and health. Cleanliness makes us experience happiness, peace and inner harmony. DUSTBUSTER will help everyone create a perfect home, and at the same time gain more time for family rest and the pursuit of one's passions.

The support of a cleaning company will be helpful during the renovation and after its completion. It will also allow you to enjoy a refreshed and shiny apartment every day. Cleaning services are carried out only with the use of agents that do not harm the natural environment. DUSTBUSTER has developed its own know-how and relies on products that it makes and improves itself, resigning from mass-produced cleaning agents. Instead of toxic chemicals, the company uses, among others, food products such as lemon, baking soda, salt and vinegar. By choosing very effective yet often cheaper alternatives, it takes care of the customers' home space, but also their wallet. An important premise is also concern for the health of the residents and awareness of the currently common allergies, asthma and chronic diseases. For this reason, the company gave up products that emit volatile organic compounds and uses ecological hypoallergenic cleaning agents. In addition, thanks to the use of natural essential oils and aromatic herbs, the house is filled with aromas that put you in a good mood after each cleaning.
The company offers as many as 4 cleaning packages to choose from: basic, standard, premium and vip.


"If there is something we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competitors, there is no point in us doing it and we should hire someone to do this job better than we do."

Henry Ford